Registration Deadline: 15/07/2024 23:59 (PST)
Cancellation Deadline: 15/07/2024 23:59 (PST)
Prize Money:-
Cancellation Fee: $0.00
Organising Federation:United States
Competition Type:National Competitions
Events: Women’s singles, Men’s singles, Men’s doubles, Women’s doubles, Mixed doubles

The 2024 Teqball World Championships - US Qualifiers will be held at the LA RED SHIELD COMMUNITY CENTER (1532 W 11th st Los Angeles CA 90015)


Teqball World Championships 2024 will include events in 5 categories: men’s singles; men’s doubles; women’s singles; women’s doubles; and mixed doubles.


During Teqball World Championships one athlete can represent their nation in a maximum of 2 categories, therefore one athlete may register for two categories.


During the US Qualifiers event, the winner of each category will automatically qualify for the Teqball World Championships 2024.


Please note that the Qualifiers event will be played on turf.


Address: 1532 W 11th st Los Angeles CA 90015



Saturday: Women's Doubles, Women's Singles and Men's Singles (exact times to be confirmed)

Sunday: Mixed Doubles, Men's Doubles (exact times to be confirmed)


Prize money - Doubles - per category

1st: $490 per team

2nd: $320 per team

3rd: $120 per team

3rd: $120 per team

5th: $50 per team

6th: $50 per team

7th: $50 per team

8th: $50 per team


Prize money - Singles - per category

1st: $245 per player

2nd: $160 per player

3rd: $60 per player

3rd: $60 per player

5th: $25 per player

6th: $25 per player

7th: $25 per player

8th: $25 per player


Competition Venue:1532 W 11th st Los Angeles CA 90015, Los Angeles, United States (View on map)
Age Limit: 14+ years

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