About CSR

- CSR was always an important part of FITEQ since 2017 to keep ourselves accountable for building our federation. We still have a long journey ahead of us, but we know that as we grow, our impact will grow with us. We will continue to focus our CSR and sustainability efforts in the areas that connect to our higher purpose of building a brighter and better world. We will always take steps to understand and define how the sport of teqball and FITEQ is having a positive impact. The growing importance of CSR has re-written the relationships of the international sports federations with its various stakeholders including athletes, staff members, supply chain partners, government, event partners, fans, and communities.

 - Sport for development is an approach based on the belief that play or sport is not just an end in itself but also an effective way to help achieve larger development goals. Global evidence reveals that sport-based programs which are explicitly designed to address the needs of particular sections of the population have the potential to prevent disease, increase school attendance, improve learning levels, foster gender equity, enhance inclusion of persons with disability, and build skills that promote employment and economic development. Corporate social responsibility is an increasingly viewed important part of the world of sport.

Engaging in CSR is a desired investment for human development and for a more sustainable global future. Investment in sport is a vital factor in this paradigm. As an effective CSR medium, sport can build values that any socially responsible communities strive for. These include qualities like teamwork, fair play, involving staff members and athletes as well as building good relationships with fans and followers and also motivate and educate them.

The development of this strategy and policy would be possible through active collaboration, therefore we welcome any feedback, comments and suggestions for further improvements as we go forward.

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