Brunei Teqball Association makes history with first National Teqball Tournament

The Brunei Teqball Association (BTA) organised the first ever Bruneian National Teqball Tournament on 23-26 June 2021 in a landmark moment for the development of teqball in the country.

This week, The Brunei Book of Records recognised the BTA for organizing the landmark event, which was held at The Mall in Gadong, as part of the Health, Fitness and Safety Expo. The Brunei Book of Records is a national institution that adjudicates and compiles all Brunei national records. It monitors significant history-making events across the country.

Muhd Basyiruddin Hj Kamis became the first ever Bruneian Teqball Champion after 4 days of electric competition. Md Syarif Ridzman Md Shahrulizam and Abd Rashid Mohd Julaihi also earned their place in the history books with second and third place finishes respectively, completing the first ever Brunei Teqball Championship podium.

One of the BTA’s main goals is to discover and nurture local teqers, officials, and coaches so that eventually Brunei can be represented on the international stage. Despite only being established in 2020, this tournament showcases the ambition and impressive growth achieved by the BTA in such a short space of time.

President of the Brunei Teqball Association, Mohd Shukri Hj Damit, said :

“At this point, every Teqball player in the world is still in the midst of developing their skills, so we start now, there is potential for a Bruneian team to win in international tournaments because everyone else is still building up”

Speaking on his Instagram in the wake of receiving the award from the Brunei Book of Records, the President expressed his pride in the association, and went on to outline the BTA’s future aspirations :

“We at the BTA are also working on bigger competitions between clubs and districts, as well as internationally, starting next year. We are also looking for committees who are interested to be part of the BTA. The BTA is looking for sport complexes in Brunei where we can donate a Teq Lite table, to increase accessibility of the sport nationwide.”

08 Nov 2021