FITEQ holds productive discussions with Russian sports officials

FITEQ President Gábor Borsányi welcomed a delegation of Russian Football Union representatives to FITEQ’s headquarters in Budapest to discuss the development of teqball and para teqball.

President Borsányi met with former Russian international footballer Aleksey Smertin, as well as Evgenii Gavronin and Vladislav Smertin. Talks centred on the future of teqball and para teqball in Russia, and the establishment of a National Teqball Federation in the country.

The sport has been growing steadily in Russia in recent years, and the next key milestone is the establishment and recognition of a National Teqball Federation, in order to efficiently manage the growth and development of the sport across the country. The guidance of the Russian Football Union, which is the country’s official governing body for football and oversees both amateur and professional football, is playing a key role in helping Russia reach its potential in teqball and para teqball.

Following the meeting, the Russian sports officials experienced a sport demonstration, with FITEQ instructors showcasing both teqball and para teqball to give the Russian delegation a first-hand feel of the technical aspects of the sport.

FITEQ President Gábor Borsányi reflected on the positive outcome of the meeting, saying “I was very pleased with today’s meeting with our friends from Russia. Teqball and para teqball’s popularity continues to grow throughout Russia, and the natural next step is to establish a National Teqball Federation. Our friends at the Russian Football Union have the expertise and experience of how to operate a national sports federation very effectively, and we are very grateful for their interest in helping the world’s fastest growing sport reach young athletes and sports fans across Russia.”

08 Feb 2022