FITEQ Executive Board meets for first time in 2022

The FITEQ Executive Board held its first meeting in 2022, with the Board members elected at the 2021 FITEQ General Assembly in attendance for the first time.

The meeting was chaired by FITEQ Chairman Viktor Huszár, with full attendance from the Board, which includes Gábor Borsányi (President), György Gattyán (Vice-President), Marius Vizer Jr. (General Secretary), Filomena Fortes (Board member), Jawad El Hajri (Board member, National Federation representative), and Rui Marques Leitão (Board member, athlete representative).

During the meeting the Board discussed the list of nominees for the FITEQ Committees and approved the composition of each committee, which will reflect FITEQ’s commitment to gender equality by ensuring a 50:50 ratio of men and women. The final list of committee members will be communicated this week, prior to the first meetings of each committee.

The Board reviewed the competition calendar for the coming year and discussed major upcoming events in the Teqball World Series, European Tour, African Tour, and USA Tour. The VIP Table Donation Programme was also discussed, with the Board reviewing requests from National Federations. The purpose of the programme is to help National Federations engage with new audiences through partnering with high profile governmental institutions, sport related entities, and high profile sport ambassadors in order to promote and support National Federations with the development of the sport in their countries.

FITEQ Chairman Viktor Huszár said, “Our first Board meeting of 2022 was very productive and the contributions made by our newly-elected members were highly valuable. We are aiming to make this year Teqball’s most successful to date, and to do so we will need to continue to innovate, whilst also consolidating all the excellent progress we have made. We are happy to that this year will see record prize money across our exciting event portfolio.”

FITEQ General Secretary Marius Vizer Jr added, “FITEQ has major plans for our continued global development and the introduction of our 15 new committees will play a key role in this endeavour. We very much look forward to hearing the ideas they bring to the table. Additionally, through our development programmes we will ensure National Federations and clubs remain fully equipped to grow the sport in their countries and reach new teqers every day.”

21 Feb 2022