Pakistan hosts first ever Para Teqball Championships

Pakistan hosts first ever Para Teqball Championships

The Pakistan Teqball Federation organised its first ever Para Teqball Championships in Quetta, the provincial capital and largest city of the Pakistani province of Balochistan.

The competition was combined with a National TeqPara Camp in what marks the latest milestone for para teqball’s global growth.

Over 50 parasport athletes participated in the training camp and Para Teqball Championships from 5-7 June, showing further signs of the development of the world’s newest parasport.

Pakistan Teqball Federation Mian Absar Ali said, "Our goal as a federation is to support all athletes and promote inclusivity through sport. A key part of this is ensuring parasport athletes have a sustainable sporting future through regular access to high-level training and competition. We will use the momentum of this successful event to reach even more young pra teqball players and fans in the months ahead.”

08 Jun 2022