FITEQ announces candidate nominations for Additional Executive Board Members

FITEQ has announced today the list of candidate nominations for Additional Executive Board Members.

According to the FITEQ Statutes, from 2022 onwards, the Executive Board consists of 4 (four) Commissioners and 4 (four) Additional Executive Board Members, therefore National Federations and Athletes were requested to submit their nominations by 05 October, 2022. Both stakeholder groups will be represented by one representative each in the Executive Board and a further two representatives will be nominated by the sitting Executive Board.

Therefore, the following candidates will be elected this year:

  • 1 (one) representative nominated by National Federations
  • 1 (one) representative nominated by Athletes
  • 2 (two) representatives nominated by the sitting Executive Board, of which at least 1 (one) should be female.

The voting will take place via secret ballot on 8 December 2022 online, and the elected individuals will join the FITEQ Executive Board with immediate effect, after the conclusion of the General Assembly. They will join the following existing Board members: President Gábor Borsányi, Chair Viktor Huszár, Vice-President György Gattyán and General Secretary Marius Vizer Jr.

Based on the assessment conducted by FITEQ’s independent Ad Hoc Ethics and Disciplinary Committee, FITEQ can announce the following eligible candidates:


Proposed by National Federations: Jawad El Hajri (FRA); Oybek Kasimov (UZB)

Proposed by Athletes: Maria Chedid (LEB); Rui Jorge Marques Leitão (POR)

Proposed by the sitting Executive Board: Filomena Fortes (CPV); Renee Chube Washington (USA)


Procedural rules regarding the General Assembly and the election of the Additional Board Members can be found in the FITEQ Statutes. Please refer to Section 2, 2.1, 2.2.1 d), 3.1.1. f),,,, 3.2.1,


You may also find further procedural rules on the elections here:

11 Nov 2022