FITEQ team leads education courses in Peru

A team of FITEQ sport instructors, led by Márton Keresztúry and Zoltán Gondos, travelled to Peru to lead a series of education courses for athletes, coaches and referees to support the ongoing development of teqball in the South American country.

The activities were organised in collaboration with the Peruvian Teqball Federation, which is recognised by the Peruvian Olympic Committee and the National Paralympic Committee Peru. The federation is led by President Renzo Manyari, who is also the Peruvian Olympic Committee President.

The FITEQ team delivered training programmes for young athletes in schools and sports academies in Lima, as well as courses for aspiring referees and coaches in the capital city. The sessions for athletes focused on physical training exercises, as well as an overview of the history of teqball’s global growth. Later in the week, a youth competition was held, which was organised by Peruvian Teqball Federation and the FITEQ delegation.

Meanwhile, the education courses were aimed at building on the existing network of referees and coaches in the country, with the sport instructors delivering a combination of theoretical lessons and practical activities. As teqball continues its rapid rise around the world, FITEQ recognises the importance of ensuring the number of trained coaches and referees grows in line with increase in athlete participation.

The FITEQ team also visited Ayacucho, the host city for teqball’s medal sport debut at the Bolivarian Games 2024. The sport instructors led additional education courses athletes, coaches and referees, and supported on the delivery of several CSR programmes.

13 Apr 2022