Milan started Teqball Training Camp in Kilinochchi

Tree-day training camp has started today in Kilinochchi indoor stadium. Milan - international teqball coach arrived in Kilinochchi after his 14 days quarantine from Colombo and started the training camp today.

Approximately 40 players, coaches and referees from Jaffna Teq, Kili Teq, Mullai Teq, and Mannar Teq took part on the first day of the residential training camp. Milan started the day-1 with warm-up and some drills without teq tables. The afternoon session went with education. Milan explained all the important teq rules and regulations in detail and the participants were given the opportunity to ask questions as well. The participants asked several questions very enthusiastically and Milan cleared their doubts in the discussion session. 

Following these two sessions, Milan played single and doubles game with the teqlankans and gave the opportunity to the referees to officiate. Whenever they make mistakes, Milan stopped the game and explained - it was such a great practice session for both players and referees as well.

Tomorrow, Milan plans to deliver detailed information regarding refereeing and coaching.

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Author: Gobinath Sivarajah - Project Manager of TEQ Sri Lanka

16 Apr 2021