ITA Webinar “All Your Anti-doping Questions Answered” To Take Place On 14 December

FITEQ encourages all members of the teqball community to attend the latest instalment in the International Testing Agency (ITA) monthly webinar series:  “All Your Anti-doping Questions Answered” To Take Place On 14 December, 14:00 - 15:00 CET.

Anti-doping can be a challenging topic to talk about! For whatever reason, you as athletes or support personnel may not be comfortable asking certain questions publicly. This webinar is here to help you with exactly that - this webinar is designed to give answers to your anonymous questions.


As always, everyone can register for the webinar by filling out the short form below. Once one receives the automatic registration email, they can use the link in this email to ask questions anonymously. Then simply join the webinar to hear them answered by three Olympians who have significant experience in anti-doping, both as athletes and clean sport educators. Remember, all of the questions will remain anonymous and are not affiliated with the webinar registration.


ITA will answer as many questions as possible, but they cannot guarantee that they will be able to address all inquiries in the hour-long session. Please submit the questions by the 8 of December - the ITA will address them in the order that they are received.


The webinar will be delivered in English, with simultaneous translation into four additional languages - Arabic (العربي), Spanish (español), French (français) and Russian (русский).


Topic: All Your Anti-doping Questions Answered


Registration link:


Event date: Wednesday 14 December, 14:00 – 15:00 CET 


Panelists:  Ana Jelusic OLY, ITA Education Ambassador, Mikel Thomas OLY, ITA Education Ambassador


Moderator: Nikki Hamblin OLY, ITA Education Team

30 Nov 2022