PZTEQ Announces Education Partnership with Prestigous Polish University

The Polish Teqball Association (PZTEQ) are delighted to announce a new partnership with Warsaw's School of Education in Sport, which will see PZTEQ hold regular training sessions at the Polish university. These sessions are part of the university’s curriculum and student can enrol to these courses officially.


Qualified FITEQ referee Marcin Szyda, who is also the Director of Polish referees, will host two-hour lessons once, every two weeks, starting immediately. The classes will focus on both the practical side of Teqball and the growth of the sport over the past decade. 

Szyda will educate the students on the creation of Teqball, the rapid development of the sport since its conception, and the role that both FITEQ and the Polish Teqball Association (PZTEQ) have played, as well as what the future holds for both organisations. 


The placement of a Teq table at the university will also allow practical sessions to be conducted, where new students can learn the game and experienced ones can hone their skills.  

The School of Education in Sport is one of the most prestigious universities in Poland and football legend Robert Lewandowski, Olympic bronze medallist Paweł Fajdek and ski-jumper Piotr Żyła are among the famous athletes to have obtained their degrees there. 


16 Jan 2023