02 Feb 2023

Junior championships debuted in Poland

Polish Teqball Association held their first ever domestic junior championships

Polish Teqball Association (PZTEQ) held their first ever domestic junior championships last year in Czyzew where almost one hundred youngster competed and showed the power of Teqball in Poland.

Teqball’s success among youths in Poland is undeniable as during the two-days event in the last month of the previous year more than seventy teqers played at the debuting Polish Junior Teqball Championships.

The next generation is at the gates while the first Polish Teqball players such as the world champion two-times silver and three-times bronze medallist Adrian Duszak as well as world champion silver medallist Paulina Lezak with many others are both among the top athletes.

There were four categories in the U16 tournament, two singles and women’s & men’s doubles. Four different voivodeships represented themselves from more than ten different Teqball clubs.

In men’s singles Stefan Orlowski from TEQnical Warsaw Academy finished first ahead of Bruno Wojcik and Dawid Grzybowski. Orlowski doubled his trophies' numbers as he triumphed in men’s doubles with Bruno Wojcik alongside him.

Wiktoria Zawistowska could not be beaten in women’s singles and also gathered the silver medal among women’s doubles while the latest award was handed to the Maria Nowak/Klaudia Zieja duo.

The tournament was called to life by Ministry of Sports and Culture as well as Podlaskie Voivodeship which was a great tool to spread the word about Teqball and to encourage local communities to practice sport. It was also the first step to create the second Polish regional league. The first one started last year with eight different clubs.

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/photos:Jacek Prondzyński/