Austria’s first Teqball campaign gained a huge attention

The Land of Music - as Austria’s well-known nickname – successfully executed its Teqball promotion to become the Land of Teqball.

In September 2022 the ‘Teqball to Go” concept has stepped on its path in VIVA Landessportzentrum in Steinbrunn-neue Siedlung to bring more and more people into the sport in Austria, especially in the state Burgenland which is the closest part of the country to the Hungarian and Slovakian borderline.

State Councilor for Sport Heinrich Dorner expressed his happiness at the end of the campaign. “With this tour, we wanted to show the potential of this sport, bring Teqball closer to as many Burgenland residents as possible and establish the sport for everyone. We have been able to do that very well in the past weeks and months.” – said Dorner at the final discussion of the promotion’s results along with Alexandra Koncar, President of the Austrian Teqball Federation, and Georg Pangl, the President of Teqball-Burgenland.

Many sport clubs, schools and sport facilities joined the presentations, altogether more than thousands of people and the first Teqball training workshop has been set with coaches and teqers from all over the countries.

"The state of Burgenland was the perfect partner to set important milestones for the development of Teqball sport. The tour was the ideal kick-off - now we will not keep the ball flat, but use the gained knowledge from the tour to continue the ‘Teqball to Go’ model. From Burgenland, Teqball will set sporting trends in other regions and other federal states with parks, sports halls, and clubs" – expressed her positive feelings Koncar, President of the domestic Teqball Federation.

"The feedback from our Teqball tour through Burgenland was very positive and the enthusiasm was great," reported Pangl, President of Teqball-Burgenland. Austria’s very first world ranking points were taken by the then 14-years old Alexander Hamm who attended each of every events during the tour and will compete in Madrid, in March. 


/Photo:Landesmedienservice Burgenland/Mag. Christian Frasz/

08 Feb 2023