Teqball family pledges ongoing assistance during COVID-19 crisis

Teqball family pledges ongoing assistance during COVID-19 crisis

Teqball co-founder and FITEQ Vice President György Gattyán is leading the teqball family’s response to the current COVID-19 crisis, offering financial support to hospitals and providing thousands of protective masks, hundreds of laptops and multiple teqball tables to vulnerable children across Hungary.

Speaking on World Health Day (7 April), Gattyán, who is also the Founder of Docler Holding, noted his determination for the teqball family to show its support to those who have been affected by COVID-19, saying: 

“During this difficult and uncertain time, myself and my fellow teqball co-founders Viktor Huszár and Gábor Borsányi, as well as the whole teqball family, are trying to find ways to help the most vulnerable people in society. Today is World Health Day and it is arguably the most important celebration of global health workers in our lifetimes. We are eternally grateful for everything they do for society and we are determined to support them throughout this crisis. The teqball values of respect, integrity, passion, inclusion and ambition are all important characteristics that we must show in support of health professionals and in our collective effort to get through this period of our lives.”

Direct financial donations have been made to multiple hospitals in Budapest – the birth place of teqball, and key materials such as masks and laptops, as well as teqball tables, have been provided to hospitals and orphanages across Hungary. FITEQ is working closely with the Hungarian Government to identify further ways it can support the response to COVID-19 in the weeks and months ahead.

08 Apr 2020