Two events done, two more to qualify to the European Games

As Teqball will debut at European Games in Kraków which will also be the sport’s first continental championships, a series of four events was established for teqers to gather as many points as possible and qualify to the two-meaning tournament in Poland.

In the middle of the upcoming summer, Kraków will host the best athletes of Europe from multiple sports. Teqball is one of the two contests which will be held in urban areas, next to the old market in the downtown, brings sixteen different nations’ teqers to the one of the most well-known Polish city.

Poland as a host nation owns a spot among the qualified ones. In the system, the points of countries’ athletes add up under their nationality. After two events, Hungary has a confident lead with 191.826 credits, Romania and Serbia follow.

France, Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Portugal, Germany, Armenia, Spain, Montenegro and Slovakia are currently also in the top15, however if the country does not have enough athletes in a category, the next eligible nation can jump in and delegate their teqers.

Individually, Csaba Bányik, Zsanett Janicsek and Lea Vasas gathered the most points not surprisingly as both of them won at least in three categories in Budpest and in Skopje.

To qualify to the EG in Kraków, teqers have to attend at least two events, thus Madrid and Podgorica expect record number of participants just as Budapest and Skopje did.

At Teqball’s first continental championships athletes will compete in five categories.

This results displays the aggregated ranking of the eligible countries for the European Games 2023 Teqball competition as of February 3rd, 2023.

28 Feb 2023