Record breaking event in Madrid

Capitol of Spain hosts the third tournament of the European Teqball Tour where history is already broken even before the first match started.

In the middle of the upcoming summer, Kraków will host the best athletes of Europe from multiple sports. Teqball is one of the two contests which will be held in urban areas - next to the old market in the downtown - brings sixteen different nations’ teqers to the one of the most well-known Polish city.

In five categories, with record breaking numbers of participants as 179 teqer will face each other from 31 countries the European Teqball Tour Madrid starts at 16th of March. Most of them arrive from other European nations, however athletes from Africa and Asia also represent themselves.

Two-time world champion Csaba Bányik who just won his 50th trophy in Teqball at the first ever FITEQ event in the Middle East will participate in two doubles categories. His fellow teqer, also two-time world champion Anna Izsák returns to the tables in Madrid. The French Amelie Julian, who finished twice as runner-up in Los Angeles at the second USA Teqball Tour in 2023 as well as Zsanett Janicsek the winner of the last two events in women’s singles will both compete.

Lea Vasas team up again with Janicsek and Ádám Bakó. Both duo won their category in Nüremberg in 2022. Five-time world champion medallist Adrian Duszak as well as owner of 2 golden medals from WChs Nikola Mitro and current title holder Apor Györgydeák are both aim to the top among 127 other male athletes. Never, any FITEQ event recorded that many men players.  

The home side will be represented by eight players, Silvia Ferrer Garcia has the highest ranking. She is currently 20th in women's singles.

The whole event from Madrid will be streamed on FITEQ’s Facebook channel.  

09 Mar 2023