31 Mar 2023

Gyorgydeak interrupted the Hungary’s winning series in Podgorica

Banyik was unstoppable and finished with two golden medals, while women’s singles world champion Greco at her first event outside of the US got silver.

Banyik was unstoppable and finished with two golden medals, while women’s singles world champion Greco at her first event outside of the US got silver.

In five categories, 149 teqers faced each other from four continents in the capitol of Montenegro during the four-days event.

Women’s singles

Carolyn Greco, the current world champion in women’s singles confidently reached the finals without any singles loss set. Madrid’s winner, Anna Izsak was just as dominant.

The rematch of Teqball World Chamwpionships 2022 final where Greco won in two sets and gained her title, the sides went head-to-head, however after Izsak defended three set balls, Greco brought home the starting period.

In the second, Izsak started well and quickly build-up a 7:2 lead, which was enough to tie the score. The final set could not be any tighter. The sides were neck-and-neck when Greco called a timeout as Izsak took the lead at 11 to 9. With failing to confirm two match points, the Hungarian had to use her break, which helped her to calm down and score back-to-back.

“I was surprised that I kept my coolness during the final even with many difficulties, however this calmness helped me to win and I hope that I can continue my streak” – said Izsak who triumphed back-to-back.

Anna Izsak (HUN) – Carolyn Greco (USA) 2:1 (9-,-5,-11)

For the third position Kinga Barabasi in two close sets beat Madrid’s bronze medallist Amelie Julian.

Men’s singles

Paper form among the men as every higher seeded teqers advanced in the first round of the knockout stage, but nobody could stop the top two players of the World Ranking, Adam Blazsovics & Apor Gyorgydeak.

Only in 2023, the two finalists met for the third occasions in men’s singles as they faced each other in Skopje in January, where the record champion triumphed and in Madrid when the category’s title holder got his revenge.

The first set was taken by Gyorgydeak easily. Although in the second Blazsovics had 5 set points, the Romanian declined both of them and with a huge smash, finished the game.

“With this victory I continue my way to prepare for the European Games in Kraków that I also want to win. With Adam, we always have tight matchups, today I was the luckier one.“ – expressed his feelings the latest world champion of this category.

Apor Gyorgydeak (ROU) – Adam Blazsovics (HUN) 2:0 (-6,-11)

Balazs Katz after the bronze medal in Madrid, triumphed again at the match for the third position in three close sets over the Polish opponent, the five-times world championships medallist, Adrian Duszak.

Women’s doubles

Vasas/Janicsek, the current title holders reached confidently the final, while Barabasi/Dako stroke back to Vicsek/Pechy after Madrid.

Although in the beginning round the Romanian duo kicked off greatly, the Hungarians turned the table and as they kept the rhythm in the second set, they re-took the throne after two events.

“Winning is the best feeling ever. After Skopje, we had some difficulties but we came over together and finally won again. This is a great base to have dreams at the European Games as both of us qualified with this result.” – clarified Lea Vasas.

Janicsek/Vasas (HUN) - Barabasi/Dako (ROU) 2:0 (-9,-9)

Winners of Madrid in women’s doubles Vicsek/Pechy earned this time the bronze medal against their fellow opponents, Kota/Acs.

Mixed doubles

Csaba Banyik did not loss any single final he reached in 2023. As the ‘King of smashes’ qualified to the final along with Krisztina Acs, the odds were on their side. Velkey/Pechy first knocked-out Julian/Rabeux in the Round of 16, then two stages later the world champions Vasas/Bako.

Pechy/Velkey surprised the winners of Madrid in the first set, but Acs/Banyik recovered and with Banyik’s aces, they closed the starting period. The leading twosome quickly developed a 4-point lead in the second and never let the opponents back.

„We have re-think our opportunities in doubles as we triumphed at both tournaments since we teamed up. We seem to be a great duo and complement each other.” - said Acs.

Pechy/Velkey (HUN) – Acs/Banyik (HUN) 0:2 (10-,7-)

The world champion pair Vasas/Bako took the third spot on the podium after beating Marojevic/Lemajic from Serbia in two.

Men’s doubles

Banyik returned to the table only after a few minutes to grant his ninth consecutive title in this category. The dominant Hungarian couple secured their spot in the final without a single loss set, while Mitro/Marojevic played multiple tight games.

With world-class rallies, the last final of the day kicked-off in front of home crowd who heavily supported the three-times world champion pair from Serbia. Banyik/Katz controlled the game with huge serves and great defence during the first set. In the second, the Hungarians took advantage of Mitro/Marojevic’s little mistakes and closed the game.

“Mitro & Marojevic are the toughest opponents in our category and it is always a huge satisfaction to beat them. With this result, both of us qualified to the European Games, thus we have our next goal, to win there too.“ - said Katz.

Katz/Banyik – Mitro/Marojevic 2:0 (-9,-5)

Blazsovics/Bako in three close sets won the bronze medals against Ilyes/Gyorgydeak.

The next Teqball event will be held in Miami, Florida, United States of America between 21-23.

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