Brazil conquered Miami

The Teqball Tour returned to the US after one-month hiatus and by Moraes da Cruz’s performance, Brazil took home two trophies and the third place in men’s doubles.

In three categories, 82 teqers from 19 countries faced each other on the South Beach in Miami, Florida.

Women’s doubles

World Ranking third Margaret Osmundson and fourth, current women’s singles title holder Carolyn Greco reached confidently the final where the Brazilian duo Vania Moraes da Cruz & Ester Viana Mendes waited for revenge as the two Americans in Los Angeles at year’s first US tournament beat them and took the trophy.

Powerful start from the orange shirted Brazilians as they quickly build up a four-point lead meant that the home squad was always behind and by Viana Mendes’ punctual smashes, the challengers kept the distance until the end.

In the second set, the opponents were head-to-head when at 11-10, Brazil called a timeout and turned the table by scoring two points in a row, thus succeeded again after October 2022, in Los Angeles.

“Despite our win, the wind bothered us a lot. Miami is a beautiful place to compete and we are glad that we stroke back and finally beat the American pair.” – said Moraes da Cruz

Greco/Osmundson – Moraes da Cruz/Viana Mendes 0:2 (7-,11-)

For the bronze medal Julian/Kota triumphed over Luzorio Barbosa/Pellegrini Boaglio in two sets.

Mixed doubles

Moraes da Cruz quickly returned to the table as she and her partner Leonardo Lindoso de Almeida faced the French Hugo Rabeux and Amelia Julian who are in great form in 2023.

Julian jumped ahead two positions at the World Ranking after March and currently holds the fourth. She almost featured in two finals  this weekend however in women’s doubles, they lost in the semi-finals to the category’s winners, Moraes da Cruz/Viana Mendes in three close sets.

The South Americans started focused and scored three in a row at the very beginning, but the players of AS Monaco manage to come back and tied the game at 6-6. Although, the upcoming five points were taken by Brazil, the injury of Julian broke their moment and after the break, with Rabeux’s sharp attacks, still Moraes da Cruz/Lindoso de Almeida closed the first, roller-coaster like set.

In spite the loss of the beginning period, the French team was having the vibe and jumped ahead with 6-0. Brazil did not wake up from the shock, thus Rabeux/Julian equalized.  

The tension was palpable on the court but the nerves of the runners-up of USA Teqball Tour in LA from February were good and won the set as well as game as they had less mistakes, especially at serves.

Moraes da Cruz/Lindoso de Almeida – Rabeux/Julian 2:1 (-11,8-,-6)

Osmundson not only finished the tournament with silver in women’s doubles, but also took the third spot along with Pilic against their fellow opponent, Diaz/Greco.

Men’s doubles

Men’s singles world champion Apor Gyorgydeak and his mate Szaboly Ilyes were dominant during the whole event. Although they advanced to the gold game without any single lost set, Lindoso de Almeida/Santa almost caught them in the best four as the Romanians won the first set by two points, the second one by only one single unit.

Hugo Rabeux continued his great streak by not finishing in worst position than 10th in 2023 and this time with the Hungarian Barna Kovacsfi they put the bar higher by having qualified to the final.

After the close first set, the second was even tighter and none of the sides could force their will on the opponents. The neck-to-neck bout continued in the endgame, however with scoring five points in a row Rabeux/Kovacsfi closed the game and won the category in Miami.

Gyorgydeak/Ilyes – Rabeux/Kovacsfi 0:2 (10-,-11,-7)

"It is hard to describe how happy we are for winning this tournament,” said Hugo Rabeux and Barna Kovacsfi in a joint statement.  “This is our first event together and we got what we came here for. A huge thank you to everyone who supported us!"

Pilic had the chance to return home with two bronze medals, however Lindoso de Almeida with Santana were just too strong challengers and finished the match in two very tight periods.

The next Teqball event will be held in Los Angeles, California, United States of America between 19 & 21 of May.

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24 Apr 2023