16 Oct 2023

Teqball Tour 2023 in numbers

With Los Angeles, Teqbal Tour 2023 has come to an end which gives us the opportunity to sum up who were the bests in numbers.

Who does not like numbers? Well, maybe not many people, but let us give it a try to make numbers and statistics likeable and interesting. After the conclusion of the Teqball Tour 2023 season, it is time to take a look at some of the numerical highlights of the year.

Csaba Banyik and Balazs Katz formed arguably the best duo of 2023, and the numbers back this statement up. The once seemingly unbeatable twosome participated in 73 international matches and won 71 of them, good for a whopping 97.3% win ratio. Their two losses came in two semifinals: the first one in Esztergom against fellow Hungarians Adam Bako and Matyas Odnoga (which marked the end of their 10-month-long winning streak), and the second in Rio de Janeiro against fan favourites Leonardo Santana and Leonardo Lindoso de Almeida.

Banyik and Katz also lead the pack in games played together, but individual world champion Apor Gyorgydeak and his partner, Szabolcs Ilyes are not far behind with 72 appearances.

We know that 97.3% is as impressive as it gets, but how about the unit with 100%? Jutatip Kuntatong and Suphawadi Wongkhamchan from Thailand not only captured the hearts of the fans with their spectacular playing style, but they did it in winning fashion, finishing the season with 13 wins in 13 games. That makes them the only perfect team that played a minimum of 10 matches, and it means that they won all three tournaments (Dubai, Qingdao, Koh Samui) they took part in. This, and the fact that they are going to play at the World Championships on home soil make them the odds-on favorite to claim the title in women's doubles.

One of their challengers could be Petra Pechy and Nora Vicsek, who played the most games amongst the women’s doubles and achieved the highest point differential total with +419. Additionally, they advanced against the title-holder duo, Lea Vasas&Zsanett Janicsek at the Hungarian qualifiers. If we examine the point differential/game averages of all pairs, we find Banyik and Katz on top with +12.51, followed by Brazilians Ester Viana Mendes&Vania Moraes da Cruz and Americans Carolyn Greco&Margaret Osmundson with both duos earning +11.74 scores.

Greco, who is the defending world champion in women’s singles, travelled the World and the seven seas with her partner, Frankie Diaz in 2023, accumulating the highest number of matches with 43 and scoring the most total points in the mixed doubles field.

Another category where Banyik and Katz finished first is the allowed points per game. The European champions let their opponents score 13.04 points on average, narrowly beating their mixed doubles teammates, Gabriella Kota and Krisztina Acs (13.18), who became the pace-setters for the second half of the season in the women’s doubles group.

With the World Championship only a mere 1.5 months away, these names (among others) are the ones we need to keep our eyes on when it comes to the clash of the best in Bangkok.