29 Nov 2023

ITA presence helps teqers to be more aware of their decisions

ITA and FITEQ together for clean sport at World Teqball Championships 2023 in Bangkok.

The International Testing Agency (ITA) and FITEQ have a long-lasting relationship in order to keep our sport clean, and in Bangkok, these two organizations took another step to achieve their common goals.

One of FITEQ’s top priorities is raising awareness and educating their athletes about doping, anti-doping and what qualifies as a banned substance. Before the World Teqball Championships 2023, Janice Lyn, Education Ambassador of ITA and a former Muaythai world champion held a presentation to help participants to obtain the proper knowledge.

Dozens of athletes and coaches attended the conference, and Ms. Lyn made it interactive and tried to get the players involved. Team Pakistan almost swept the “competition” and took the majority of the prizes, but on some occasions, members from Team Thailand were able to answer quicker than them.

Ms Lyn brought examples of former athletes who used banned substances, different hypothetical scenarios about choices and consequences, and presented tutorials on how anybody can check if the substance they would like to take is prohibited or not, whether it is during, before, or after the competition.

She pointed out that all members of the Teqball community are subject to the global anti-doping rules as outlined in the World Anti-Doping Code and the International Standards.

Also highlighted that there are 11 different Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs), and all of them apply to athletes, and 7 of them apply to their support personnel and other members of the community. She made it clear that these rules are in place to protect the athletes’ health and their right to clean, fair competition.

However, the athletes are responsible for their bodies and their decisions.

FITEQ and ITA, along with two educational officers from the Dopring Control Agency of Thailand will have a booth together next to the accreditation desk and they welcome every athlete and staff member to answer their questions regarding doping.