13 Jun 2024

Teqball World Series Tulsa kicks off tomorrow

Teqball World Series debuts in USA this weekend in the city of Tulsa.

The Teqball World Series kicked off today in Tulsa with a press conference at the Titan Sports and Performance Center. With special guests from the City of Tulsa and Teqball leadership, the conference shared more details about the Teqball World Series event that is taking place in Tulsa this weekend, June 14th through June 16th.

The Deputy Mayor of Tulsa, Cassia Carr shared a few remarks about how exciting it is to have the Teqball World Series Tulsa. "We are honoured that Teqball has chosen Tulsa,” states Deputy Mayor Carr. President of Tulsa Regional Tourism, Renee McKenney shared how proud Tulsa is to be the “only American city” Teqball has chosen to host an event.

The conversation turned to the growth of Teqball with remarks from Gabor Borsanyi, the President of the International Teqball Federation. Borsanyi shared how thrilled he was to be in Tulsa and that event is a “dream come true” with the expansion of Teqball as the fastest-growing sport in the world during the 10th anniversary year.

Daniel Szabo, the CEO of U.S. Teqball explained that Tulsa offers a great geographical location and a remarkable history perfect for hosting the legendary first Teqball World Series event in the United States.

The coach of FC Tulsa, Mario Sanchez shared a welcome to Teqball athletes on behalf of his team and Titans Sports Center. He stated that “Tulsa is diverse and welcoming,” and that everyone involved with Teqball will have a great experience in this city.

Professional Teqball athletes Carolyn Greco and Nikola Mitro closed out the event with some insights on their experience with the sport and outlooks for the competition. Carolyn Greco is the 2022 women’s singles Teqball world champion from the U.S. and Nikola Mitro is a three-time world champion in men’s doubles from Serbia. Both players announced how excited they were to be in Tulsa and look forward to the weekend ahead.

Following the press conference, Teqball athletes and officials taught Tulsans how to play this one-of-a-kind sport.