21 Jun 2024

Heroes of Teqball: Nanna Lind Kristensen

At age of 18 Nanna Lind Kristensen made history by winning the very first European championships medal of Teqball at the European Games.

It may well be that Danish Nanna Lind Kristensen is only 19 years old, but she is one of Denmark's great bright spots on the international teqball scene, where she has shone in recent years with great performances at both the European Games which was FITEQ's first European Championships and the World Teqball Championships.

How did you start playing teqball?

The first time I played teqball was when Brian Mengel "Brizze" took me to Copenhagen, where he showed me a crooked table... I had no idea what it was all about, and I didn't know the rules either. But still, I was quickly captivated by it!

What does teqball mean to you?

I have found out over the last 3 years that I have been playing that it is not just a leisure interest, but a sport that fills a large part of my everyday life and my thoughts. I love the many different touches you can make with the body to get the ball into play and have some cool duels! Teqball means a lot to me.

How would you sum up your career so far?

I have participated in ten foreign tournaments, three of which have been the WCh and one of which has been the European Games. At the last WCh, I made the Quarterfinals with my doubles partner, Mira, which we were extremely happy about, considering that we have only played together for one and a half years.

The European Games has definitely been the best Teqball performance and experience I've had. Here I won my first ever bronze medal, and several international media and Danish newspapers wrote about it.

How are you looking forward to the tournament in Grindsted, Denmark?

It is huge that the tournament will now be held in Denmark. We are a very small country, with very few players, yet we have managed to challenge the big nations. Therefore, I am really looking forward to giving the other players a good impression of Denmark and our community and level.

What are your expectations and dreams in relation to the event?

Of course, I dream that as many Danes as possible get the chance to play in the semi-finals!

I hope that we can get some Danes in the semi-finals in at least one of the categories for the tournament. The last time it happened was Brian Mengel Brizze in the WC 2023, and I'm sure Denmark can do it again!

What do you hope to achieve in your career?

No doubt it would be cool to be able to call myself a female world champion one day! But my biggest dream is to become a Teqball player that other players look up to - but also to be a player that you want to fear playing against!

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The interview was in May 2024.