Registration Deadline: 01/05/2024 09:00 (CET)
Cancellation Deadline:-
Prize Money:-
Cancellation Fee: $100.00
Organising Federation:Poland
Competition Type:Challenger
Events: Men’s singles, Men’s doubles


OSiR Kobyłka Teqball Cup II

As FITEQ has approved the application form, the OSiR Kobyłka Teqball Cup II will be organized as Event Category V with the possibilty of upgrading to Category IV.

Registration starts: 11th April 2024

Registration ends: 1st May 2024


Event published on Facebook:

For further details,  please contact: [email protected]


FITEQ, as the supervising federation, exclusively provides support through the allocation of World Ranking points.

Competition Venue:Elizy Orzeszkowej 3/5, 05-230 Kobyłka, Kobyłka, Mazowieckie, 05-230, Kobylka, Poland
Age Limit: 14+ years