Registration Deadline: 08/05/2024 23:59 (CET)
Cancellation Deadline:-
Prize Money:-
Cancellation Fee: $0.00
Organising Federation:Hungary
Competition Type:National Competitions
Events: Women’s singles, Men’s singles, Men’s doubles, Women’s doubles, Mixed doubles


MOL Országos Teqball Bajnokság - 2. round- Miskolc

As FITEQ has approved the application form, the MOL Országos Teqball Bajnokság - 2. round- Miskolc will be organized as Event Category V.

Entry start date: 27th of April 2024

Registration period: 27th April - 7th May; 23:59 (CET) 

For further details,  please contact: [email protected]


FITEQ, as the supervising federation, exclusively provides support through the allocation of World Ranking points.


Point allocation:

Each participant based on the place he or she earned on each qualification round get the following points:
1st place: 10 points
2nd place: 8 points
3rd place: 6 points
4th place: 5 points
5-8th place: 4 points
9-16th place: 2 points
lower than 16th place: 1 point

At the end of the qualification series the participant or team with the highest total points secures the right to represent the country.

In case of equality of points the winner will be determined by the following order:
1. More first places
2. More second places
3. More third places
4. Results against each other ( 1. more wins, better difference of set, better difference of points)
5. Reults of the last round (the better is the winner)
6. draw

Competition Venue:Vanger Vilmos utca 6A, 3533, Miskolc, Hungary
Age Limit: 16+ years