Registration Deadline: 07/07/2024 23:59 (Mexico Standard Time)
Cancellation Deadline:-
Prize Money:-
Cancellation Fee: €0.00
Organising Federation:Mexico
Competition Type:National Competitions
Events: Women’s singles, Men’s singles


WTCH 2024 Qualifier - Mexico

As FITEQ has approved the application form, the WTCH 2024 Qualifier - Mexico will be organized as Event Category V.

Entry start date: 25th of June 2024

Registration period: 25th June - 07th July; 23:59 (UTC -7:00) 


For further info, please contact Eduardo Maldonado Puga - [email protected]

Competition Venue:Fracción I Cluster, Camino Real de La Plata 4, Zona Plateada, Pachucade Soto, Hidalgo, 42083, Hidalgo, Mexico
Age Limit: 16+ years