FITEQ announcement on membership fees and prize money allocation

FITEQ announcement on membership fees and prize money allocation

The FITEQ Executive Board has approved two decisions related to membership fees and tournament prize money allocation, which are targeted towards further supporting the development of teqball and para teqball.


Membership Fees

FITEQ will waive membership fees from September 2022 for an indefinite period, with a review of the policy no earlier than 31 December 2022. This means that, with the view to continue to support the sport’s rapid development, National Federations and athletes will not pay membership fees for the time being. Accordingly, monthly membership fee payments initiated on or after September 01, 2022 will automatically be rejected. Also, yearly membership fees will be refunded appropriately for each not started month.


Prize Money Allocation

FITEQ is implementing a change in the allocation of prize money at FITEQ-sanctioned events, which will come into effect from 1 September 2022 for an indefinite period. Prize money will now be solely distributed to athletes, marking a change from the current system of prize money and support budget being divided amongst athletes, clubs, and National Federations. The purpose of this is to support the ongoing growth of the athlete base.

23 Aug 2022