FITEQ joins global celebration of International Women’s Day

FITEQ joins global celebration of International Women’s Day

As a gender-equal sport that promotes inclusivity as one of its core values, the International Teqball Federation (FITEQ) is delighted to join the global celebration of International Women’s Day.

Under the banner of #ChooseToChallenge, International Women's Day 2021 is focused on how individuals and organisations can help forge a gender equal world. As a non-contact sport and one of only a few where women and men compete on a level playing field, FITEQ is a passionate advocate of equal opportunity.

To help it achieve its gender equality goals, FITEQ launched its Women’s Committee in 2019. The Committee is focused on promoting opportunities for women and girls across all five continents. It also advises the FITEQ Executive Board on equality-focused CSR projects, so that FITEQ can be part of the empowerment of women in local communities all around the world. FITEQ is also a proud signatory of the Brighton plus Helsinki Declaration on Women and Sport and was officially recognised and admitted as a member of The Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA) in 2019. FITEQ joined the TAFISA Gender Equity online workshop today as part of organisation’s celebration of International Women’s Day.

Within the FITEQ sport department, women outrank men in management positions, including Krisztina Csavajda (Sport Operations), Réka Reichard (Sport Development), Luca Takács (Events) and Liliána Szávai (Para Teqball).  These senior staff members are an inspiration to women and girls who have the ambition to work in teqball.

FITEQ Sport Director Matthew Curtain, said: “This is one of the most important days of the year for the global teqball family. FITEQ is passionate about equal opportunity and it is embracing its unique position of being a sport where women and men regularly compete against one another in the same event categories. FITEQ’s core values of respect, inclusion and ambition are essential in its effort to promote gender equality in all areas of the sport.

“FITEQ is taking a top down and bottom up approach in its effort to inspire women and girls to play the sport. Stars like world champion Natalia Guitler, who is also FITEQ’s Athletes’ Committee Chair, are acting as role models for future generations. But FITEQ has also recognised the critical need of ensuring there are grassroots opportunities for people all over the world. Partnering with organisations like TAFISA, who have specialist local knowledge, is integral to achieving this goal.”

08 Mar 2021