Teqball Roadshow highlights growing passion for the sport in Africa

Teqball Roadshow highlights growing passion for the sport in Africa

A FITEQ delegation led by General Secretary Marius Vizer Jr concluded its Teqball Roadshow visit to South Africa on Friday (9 April), after a highly productive week of meetings with key sports leaders, players, coaches and referees in the country.

Following roadshow stops in Djibouti, Uzbekistan and Madagascar, Vizer Jr and the team continued the positive momentum in Africa, where the passion for teqball is growing every day. FITEQ was recognised by the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa (ANOCA) in 2019 and awareness and participation in the sport has been increasing every day since then.

Vizer Jr met with the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC), where the two organisations discussed teqball’s rise in South Africa and FITEQ’s plans for the global development of the sport. The FITEQ delegation, which included specialist sport instructors, also led workshops for a talented and enthusiastic group of coaches and referees. The team also delivered joint coaching sessions with the Warriors Soccer Academy and participated in the launch of the country’s first teqball club – Fat Cat.

The South African Teqball Federation, led by former national football team goalkeeper President Brian Baloyi, was instrumental in the success of the week-long roadshow visit. The federation, which is one of 33 in Africa, is making excellent progress is an areas of the sport. FITEQ was delighted to see that the federation’s focus extends beyond sport development, with Baloyi and his team committed to ensuring teqball has a wider social impact in the country. FITEQ was honoured to take part in a tree planting initiative in Johannesburg, which demonstrated the South African Teqball Federation’s dedication to supporting FITEQ’s sustainability goals.

Following the visit, FITEQ General Secretary Marius Vizer Jr said, “This was my third visit to Africa as part of the Teqball Roadshow and once again I experienced incredible passion and determination to develop teqball from all the players, coaches and leaders who I had the honour to meet with. Africa is one of the strongest teqball continents and that is a result of the amazing work that our National Federations are doing. It is a pleasure for FITEQ to support their journeys, but as I have said to everyone I have met on the Teqball Roadshow – this is just the start and we’re here to help bring more players, coaches and fans to the sport tomorrow, the next day and for many years to come.”

Eswatini Teqball Federation President Mfanafuthi Taribo Bhembe travelled to Togo as part of the Teqball Roadshow, where he shared the knowledge he has gathered in Eswatini’s teqball journey to help inspire similar growth in the West African country. The educational sessions were held in OlympAfrica centres as part of the collaboration between OlympAfrica and FITEQ. Additionally, the FITEQ education team and sport instructors delivered training programmes in Cape Verde and courses have begun in Lebanon and Sri Lanka.

This week, Vizer Jr and the Teqball Roadshow team is visiting the host of the 2026 Youth Olympic Games – Dakar, Senegal. Meanwhile, a separate FITEQ delegation is already in one of Africa’s leading teqball countries – Nigeria. Updates on the Teqball Roadshow, as well as all teqball news, information and event details, is available on the FITEQ App, which can be downloaded in the APP STORE and the GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

12 Apr 2021