FITEQ reflects on impact of Club Development Programme

FITEQ reflects on impact of Club Development Programme

One year on from the launch of the Club Development Programme, FITEQ is celebrating the impact the initiative has had on the global growth of teqball. Over 2,500 clubs across all five continents have benefited from the ground-breaking initiative, which is providing future and existing teqers with the tools to reach their full potential in the sport.

The programme was created in May 2020, with a long-term view in mind, but the major investment in the sport, be it financial, infrastructural or educational, has been particularly timely given the challenges sport has faced over the past year. The programme is divided into two strands, grassroots and professional, both of which have been developed, and are being implemented, in close collaboration with FITEQ’s 110 National Federations.

FITEQ’s Club Development Programme is a central part of its development strategy. The programme complements the National Federation Development Programme and is focused on creating a structured framework that will provide the foundations for building a worldwide network of clubs and players.

The Grassroots Club Development Programme is designed to give more people around the world the opportunity to play teqball. A thriving grassroots scene is a prerequisite for all successful sports and FITEQ is investing in the future of teqball through the implementation of this programme. The programme offers grassroots clubs initial infrastructural (Teq tables) support to kick-start their teqball journey, as well educational materials and overall club management guidance. FITEQ also promotes the activities of all of its clubs to its more than 4 million social media followers.

The Professional Club Development Programme is focused on elevating high-performing clubs, which support the world’s best players. To be eligible for this programme, clubs must have at least four FITEQ-registered athletes who represent the club in national and international events, and promote the sport in the local community, as well as a FITEQ qualified club coach who has overall responsibility for managing club training. On top of the provision of infrastructural and educational support, the programme places additional emphasis on competition opportunities, with the intention being to give elite players the chance to regularly compete for prize money and World Ranking points.

Reflecting on the success of the first year of the programme’s implementation, FITEQ General Secretary Marius Vizer Jr said, “On 11 May 2020, we created our club development department to assist the global growth of teqball. Soon after, we launched the Club Development Programme to open up more opportunities in the sport, remove any barriers to entry and build a worldwide network of teqball clubs. In collaboration with National Federations, clubs are an essential component of any sport and they are the driver of local activity on a day-to-day basis. The programme has helped us build a structured framework in which elite and grassroots athletes can reach their full potential. The programme has been a significant investment into teqball, but it is an investment in our future. It will continue to play a key role in our sport’s development as we look to build more awareness and increase participation.” 

More information on the Club Development Programme – HERE.

11 May 2021