FITEQ opens nomination for Additional Executive Board Members

FITEQ has today welcomed nominations for candidates to stand for election as the National Federation representative and Athlete representative on the FITEQ Executive Board.

The elections of the new Executive Board members will take place at the FITEQ Annual General Assembly on Thursday 8 December 2022.  

As per the FITEQ Statutes, the Executive Board consists of four Commissioners and four Additional Executive Board members. Of the Additional Executive Board Members, one is nominated by the National Federations, one by the Athletes and two by the sitting Executive Board.

National Federations and Athletes are kindly invited to submit their nominations for their respective representatives to [email protected] using forms found here. The deadline for submissions is
5 October 2022. Eligibility criteria can also be found on the FITEQ document directory.

National Federations are also invited to submit nominations for the FITEQ Standing Committees. The deadline for submissions is 5 October 2022 and nominations should be submitted to [email protected] using the e-mail subject header: Nation Code – Applicants Name – Committee.

The reappointment of the FITEQ Standing Committees is due in early 2023. National Federations and currently registered athletes will be notified of the reappointment of the Committees by email.

22 Sep 2022