20 Oct 2022

FITEQ offers subsidy to assist athletes for entry to TEQBALL World Championships 2022

FITEQ would like to offer athletes who qualify for the TEQBALL World Championships 2022 the opportunity to apply for a subsidy

As part of the progressive international sporting world, FITEQ recognises that it has an important role to play in social responsibility and acknowledging issues such as the war in Ukraine and the financial situation of third-world countries.

As a result of this, based on the Executive Board’s initiative and approval, FITEQ would like to offer athletes who qualify for the TEQBALL World Championships 2022, the opportunity to apply for a subsidy. The subsidy will also help increase the range of participating nations and attract new participants to the World Championships.

Athletes from less developed and worn-torn countries who do not have the same opportunities can apply providing they comply with FITEQ’s set criteria.

Athlete Criteria for Qualification for World Championships Subsidy:

  • No more than one previous participation in a Teqball World Championships OR special circumstances pertaining to residents from war-torn/less developed /third-world countries where athletes’ financial means are significantly reduced, and
  • Must commit to participate at the World Chamiponships 2022, and
  • Must conduct themselves in an ethical manner during the World Chamiponships 2022 and comply with FITEQ rules.

Subsidy amount

  • 8 places granted to European athletes in an amount of EUR 300 per athlete
  • 46 places granted to non European athletes in an amount of EUR 600 per athlete

Please note that subsidy payment details are an important part of the application procedure, which depends on whether the applicants have already received WCH participation related support from a National Federation and on the chosen pay-out method.

Applicants are kindly requested to learn more about the Call for proposals on the following availability: https://cdn.buttercms.com/UzaPBVLpR92xNAw06bKK , as it contains further procedural information on the subsidy and the application link as well.

Please note the deadline for submitting applications is 27th October, 2022.