17 Jan 2023

Historic year ahead of Teqball

While the season slowly starts many questions have already been answered and all the contributors as well as the sponsors are ready for the busiest Teqball year ever.

While the season slowly starts in the world of Teqball many questions have already been answered and both the athletes, the International Teqball Federation Federation (FITEQ) as well as the sponsors are ready for the busiest year ever of our beloved sport.

Although it is only January, the calendar is almost ready and includes plenty of contests around the world.

Lovers of Teqball do not have to wait too much in 2023 for great bouts in the sport as the season starts in Skopje, North Macedonia on the last weekend in January. The first rendez-vous of the new year is also the second occasion of European Teqball Tour where Teqers also face each other for the qualification spots for the European Games in Kraków.

However, the followers have to share their focus as a sweet burden as Los Angeles also hosts a Teqball event, the USA Teqball Tour on the same weekend.

In February, yet another occasion comes from the overseas in the city of angels. Whilst, in January the LA Convention Center will give home, in February the teqers will compete on Venice Beach.

As spring arrives the schedule of Teqball gears up. At the beginning of March Dubai, United Arab Emirates welcomes Asian Teqball Tour then the attention turns to Europe as Madrid, then Podgorica accommodate the athletes around the world. The meeting in Podgorica also means the last chance to advance to the European Games which will be held in Kraków between 21st of June and 2nd of July where Teqball is a medal sport for the first time ever.

After April, among multiple competitions in Los Angeles, Asia, South America and Africa are also planned in Teqball’s 2023 calendar and yet to be confirmed.   

The busiest season of Teqball’s history could not be executed without the teqers and the sponsors of FITEQ and with whom the sport continuously evolves.

To follow all the events on TV, ESPN is on board for back-to-back year and shows most of the events in the U.S., while Eurosport will also broadcast numerous happenings for the third season in a row. Besides the clashes in the US, each event can be re-watched on the FITEQ’s YouTube channel.