Continuous cooperation with DafaNews

The International Teqball Federation (FITEQ), announced today that DafaNews, the one-stop online sports portal, have extended their partnership with FITEQ for the first three months of 2023.

The official Sports News Hub Partner’s coverage of the Teqball World Championships in Nuremburg, Germany in November showed their commitment to the sport and also highlighted the appetite for Teqball in Asia with great interest from Teqball fans.

The partnership with DafaNews will enable viewers to watch the first six events of 2023 on a live stream on the DafaNews digital platform for the entire competition period.

DafaNews will also have priority access to post-match interviews and work in conjunction with Teqball’s social media channels.

Viktor Huszár, Chairman & Co-founder of Teqball said: “FITEQ is grateful to have a partner like DafaNews, who are committed and believe in the sport, and we look forward to continuing this relationship with us beyond the World Championships. 

Teqball has already conquered the digital world on the social media as the sport's governing body, FITEQ finished on the illustrious 2nd position among the non-Olympic sports last year after the numbers of the followers. However, with the partnership of DafaNews, new heights emerged.

Gábor Felegyi, Commercial & Events Director said: “As we strive to work with more broadcast partners, we are also building up its social media presence to cater to our global audience, online and offline. FITEQ would like to take this opportunity to thank DafaNews, The Million Roses and TNNS, for having faith in Teqball and welcome to the Teqball family.”

Joao Tavares, Dafanews Manager said, “This is a partnership that comes together with the long term plan that we, at Dafanews, have to support the growth of the sports! After last year's Teqball World Championships success we couldn't say no to this opportunity. As we said in our first partnership with Teqball, we want to play a role in the growth and evolution of Teqball as a top sport, and this new partnership is proof that we really mean it. This is one step more of a long path together.”


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18 Jan 2023