18 May 2020

FITEQ announces return to 12 point scoring system

The International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) has published an update to its Official Rules and Regulations.

The International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) has published an update to its Official Rules and Regulations. The new Rulebook of Teqball will come into immediate effect and will be adhered to at the next international teqball competition. The modification to the official rules and regulations followed a consultation phase with players and national teqball federations, in addition to a series of internal and external testing phases. This will ensure the new rules of the sport are optimised in line with the feedback of key teqball stakeholders. 

New competition regulations and athlete eligibility rules, as well as amended disciplinary actions, have been added to the Rulebook of Teqball. There have also been several alterations to existing rules, with the key change being an adjustment to the scoring system. Under the new rules, the 20 point set scoring system has been replaced with a 12 point set scoring system. Each teqball match will retain the existing best-of-three sets format.

FITEQ President and Teqball Co-Founder, Gábor Borsányi said: “After a trial phase at Challenger Cups in Los Angeles and San Diego earlier this year, as well as gathering valuable feedback from players all over the world, we have established that the 12 point format increases the competitive balance in matches, makes matches more exciting and enables events to be more suitable for broadcasting purposes. Those who have been part of the teqball family from the outset will remember that we started with a 12 point scoring system, which was used at the first Teqball World Championships in 2017. This scoring system is unique to teqball and after several years of competition, it has become clear to us that this is the best way forward.

The new Rulebook of Teqball has been shared with all National Teqball Federations and made available online, ensuring players have time to comprehend and practice the new rules before international competitions return after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Together with the Rulebook of Teqball, FITEQ’s World Ranking Policy has also been updated. FITEQ is currently reviewing and updating the Official Rules & Regulations of Beach Teqball, which will be published in the near future.