FITEQ app now available on Google Play

The official FITEQ app has landed on the Google Play Store, enabling Android users to enjoy on-the-go access to all the latest news and information from the world’s fastest growing sport.

The app, which was launched on the App Store in November, has a simple and digestible format on a slick, modern interface. It allows athletes to create a personal profile and register for official teqball competitions, ensuring all teqers can enjoy a seamless process when entering events. Teqers that download the app will also have access to:

         Regular news updates from around the teqball world

         The FITEQ World Rankings (singles, doubles and mixed doubles)

         Results of international teqball tournaments and details for upcoming events

Director of IT Laszlo Bardy said:

“We’re delighted to bring the official FITEQ app to Android users following our launch in the App Store last month. A large proportion of National Teqball Federations and athletes in the global teqball family are Android users, especially amongst our teqers in Africa or in Panamerica. As teqball continues to grow globally we see this app as an essential download for all existing and future teqball players and fans. It is the perfect complement to the highly-engaging digital content that we share with our three million-plus social media followers every day, and it will enable our passionate online audience to keep up to speed with our fast-moving and dynamic sport.”

09 Dec 2020