27 Jan 2023

FITEQ donates tables to Skopje

FITEQ helps Skopje to reach the new generation with tables, trainings and events.

On 26th of January the FITEQ season of 2023 started in Skopje in the internationally well-known venue Sports Center “Jane Sandanski” with 151 players from 53 countries, which is also the first step in North Macedonia to be a fresh powerhouse of Teqball.

In five categories the best athletes of Teqball started their campaign to triumph in the capital of North Macedonia. After the first day’s amazing bouts the event continued, however with a different program as Prof. Dr. Timcho Mucunski, Mayor of Aerodrom Municipality and Prof. Dr. Sasho Popovski, Secretary General of Olympic Committee of North Macedonia along with Gergely Murányi, Head of Diplomatic Relations & CSR of FITEQ opened the very first Teqball event in the history of Skopje.

Prof. Dr. Timcho Mucunski highlighted that Teqball already is in the status where the sport helps the economy of the organiser city and attractive to sponsors. “We are glad to host such an jaw-dropping and very important sporting event in our city. I truly hope that together we can implement Teqball into the life of the local youths. For that FITEQ donated 30 tables to us, to start the task and we are very thankful.”

“It is our duty to bring sport to the people of North Macedonia” – started Prof. Dr. Sasho Popovski. “We are working very hard to reach the newest generation with sport and the Olympic Committee of North Macedonia do thinks that Teqball is one of the best ways to do so. I would like to see Teqball in the Olympics soon with of course, North Macedonian athletes on the top of the podium.”

Skopje is already an astonishing host and both FITEQ and the local organisers are keen to extend the relationship as more events as well as trainings for referees and coaches are planned in the Balkan country in the upcoming period.

Gergely Murányi expressed his feelings about the effort of the city and the organisers. "When arrived to the venue, I felt that this is different, this is a festival. To improve our sport here in North Macedonia, I genuinely believe that the Olympic committee of the country, the national federation of Teqball, the local government as well FITEQ has to work together closely. In Skopje we have the best partners to do so and I will be happy to return for the next time."

The event continues and clashes for the medals will be held on 29th of January, Sunday. The European Teqball Tour Skopje 2023 is the second edition of four where athletes can gather points to qualify to the European Games 2023 in Kraków.

To follow the results, click here, while you can watch the live stream here.