30 Jan 2023

The American teqers were not courteous hosts in LA

In a beautiful sight with palm trees on Santa Monica Pier the Teqball season in the United States has begun and the hosts reigned in each category.

In a beautiful sight with palm trees on Santa Monica Pier the Teqball season in the United States has begun and the hosts reigned in each category.

The bouts of USA Teqball Tour started in LA Convention Center on Friday as the first two days were held there while the finals took right on Santa Monica Pier.

Only doubles faced each other at the event and not surprisingly the world champion silver medallist, American duo Carolyn Greco who won the singles in 2022 at the WCh and her partner Margaret Osmundson reached the final without any single set loss with +65 score difference in four matches. However, their opponents, this event's title holders Vania Moraes Da Cruz and Ester Viana Mendes were just as dominant.

The Brazilians started better the final and let only the hosts to score seven points. Although the South Americans had the possibility in the second set to close the game after coming back from seven points deficit, Greco and Osmundson took the chance and forced the final set. With nerve-racking rallies, the sides went head-to-head but at the end the LA based teqers focused better and kept the trophy home.

Women’s doubles final

Carolyn Greco & Margaret Osmundson (USA) - Vania Moraes Da Cruz & Ester Viana Mendes (BRA) 2:1 (7:12,12:10,12:9)

For the bronze medals the Baker/Avesyan pair beat Gomez/Brito by 2:0.

World ranking 11th and 12th  duo Dennis Correa and Luka Pilic waited the Brazilian, American team with Joao Barreto & Frankie Diaz in the final. Barreto as a newcomer instantly put down his influence next to Diaz however they could not stop the more experienced Correa/Pilic combo.

Men’s doubles final

Dennis Correa & Luka Pilic (USA) - Joao Barreto (BRA) & Frankie Diaz (USA) 2:0 (12:9,12:7)

"It is great to be back on top. It was a fun experience playing on the pier, the crowd and atmosphere was great." - says Pilic after not winning any gold in the domestic tournaments last year despite his 18 triumphs in the prevoius seasons.

The lowest rung of the podium was decided between two pairs from South America. Santana/Milhomens (BRA) confidently beat Bello/Oviedo Amortegui (COL) by 2:0.

In the mixed doubles final Pilic and Diaz met again while Greco and Osmundson split up for another title. Pilic and Osmundson did not let any opponents to score more than eight points on the way to the final and this series did not brake there too. With powerful counter-attacks they closed the game quickly and took the prize.

Mixed doubles final

Frankie Diaz & Círoly Greco (USA) – Luka Pilic & Margaret Osmundson (USA) 0:2 (8:12,6:12)

"Winning this final felt really good, after getting silver in the past world cup in Germany took a step back and recovered and starting off the year with two golds felt good" - sums up Osmundson the event. 

It was not a question that the Brazilians will take the bronze medal as Milhomens/Moraes Da Cruz welcomed Santana/Viana Mendes and with the second duo’s success Viana Mendes finished with one silver and one bronze medal.

The next Teqball event will be held in Los Angeles, USA betwen 24 and 26 of February as the second occasion of USA Teqball Tour.

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