05 Mar 2023

Thailand surprised the World of Teqball in Dubai

Dubai hosted the very first FITEQ event, the Asian Teqball Tour in the Middle East where the teqers from Thailand amazed both the spectators and the World of Teqball.

Dubai hosted the very first FITEQ event, the Asian Teqball Tour in the Middle East, where 83 competitors from 16 different nations faced each other and the teqers from Thailand amazed both the spectators with unparallel flying kicks as well as the athletes of Teqball and took two golds home, while Bányik & Katz continued their streak.

Thailand’s doubles dominated in women’s category as both finalist came from the country and reached the golden match with confident game. One of the event’s biggest upsets happened in the group stage when Seesawad and Homdee won against the current title holder Vasas & Janicsek and finished at the first place. While the world champions dropped out in the quarter-finals by Pechy & Vicsek, both doubles from Thailand qualified to the final.

The clash could not be any tighter, however Wongkhamchan and Kuntatong closed both of the sets and won their very first Teqball tour.

“This victory is way beyond my dreams. It is the greatest honour to represent my country, especially when you win. Before the tournament, we wanted to reach the quarter finals and this performance give an amazing feedback to all the effort we put in.“ – said Suphawadi Wongkhamchan.

Women’s doubles final

Jariya Seesawad & Areeya Homdee (THA) – Suphawadi Wongkhamchan & Jutatip Kuntatong (THA) 0:2 (11:12, 9:12)

The final day’s first bronze medal was decided between two Hungarian duo where Pechy & Vicsek beat Dezsenyi & Nagy.

Pechy stepped to the table again, this time with Blázsovics as they reached the finals without any single dropped set while Wongkhamchan and Dejaroen surprised the current world champions, the Vasas/Bako duo in the group stage on a one-sided match. With the momentum on their side, they did not stop until the most important game of this category.

With multiple sensational bicycle kicks and stable defense, the Thai pair took the first set. Wongkhamchan and Dejaroen started off quickly in the second period and scored six points in a row. Although the Hungarians used their time-out, they did not come back and Wongkhamchan won her second gold at the Asian Teqball Tour in Dubai.

“I still cannot believe what we did today. Winning here in Dubai is the best thing in my life and we will try to evolve in every aspect of the game to triumph more and become world champions” – expressed his feelings Dejaroen.

Mixed doubles final

Petra Pechy & Ádám Blázsovics (HUN) – Suphawadi Wongkhamchan & Phakpong Dejaroen (THA) 0:2 (8:12, 7:12)

Apor Györgydeák (ROU) and Ester Viana Mendes (BRA) finished third after three roller-coaster like sets.

Although Kukheaw and Dejaroen from Thailand advanced to the knockout stage as seconds behind Györgydeák and Ilyés, they reached the finals where the title holders, Bányik and Katz awaited them. With Bányik’s world-class serves, they stole the first set, however with historical long rallies - the second period lasted for almost 20 minutes long - the Thai teqers tied the final of men’s doubles. In the ultimate set, Bányik and Katz developed a 7-0 lead and never let back their challengers. With this triumph, the Hungarians continued their streak and won their 8th trophy in this category in a row while the national team of Thailand gathered eight medals as the most succesful nation of the tournament.

“We not only played for the trophy of Asian Teqball Tour, but for Bányik’s 50th success. We did not let our opponents to grow over us. We stayed focused and with great serves they were controlled.” – clarified Katz the reason of Hungary’s only golden medals.  

Men’s doubles final

Uthen Kukheaw & Phakpong Dejaroan (THA) – Csaba Bányik & Balázs Katz (HUN) 1:2 (7:12,12:9,6:12)

Györgydeák returned to his second bronze medal game alongside with Ilyes (ROU), however the Hungarian-Polish pair, Odnoga & Franczuk won and stepped on the lowest rung of the podium.

The next Teqball event will be held in Madrid, Spain as the third occasion of the qualification series of the European Games.

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