Eighteen countries qualified to European Games in Teqball

Teqball will debut at European Games in Kraków which will also be the sport’s first continental championships. At the four-events qualification tour 63 athletes from 18 countries qualified to the two-meaning tournament in Poland.

In the middle of the upcoming summer, Kraków will host the best athletes of Europe from multiple sports. Teqball – only ten years after the sport’s creation - is one of the two contests which will be held in urban areas, next to the old market in the downtown, brings eighteen different nations’ teqers to the one of the most well-known Polish cities. At the European Games, maximum four players are allowed to represent their country in five categories: women’s singles, men’s singles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles, mixed doubles.

To qualify to the EG in Kraków, teqers had to attend at least two events, and the athletes’ gathered points added up, thus if a country qualified, however there is only one male player, they do not have spot among men’s doubles. Any unused quota place (including qualification places, host NOC places and Universality places) will be allocated to the next best ranked nation in the overall qualification ranking as of 31 March 2023.

FITEQ set up a four-stages qualification series which started in 2022 in the home of Teqball, Budapest, Hungary then continued in 2023 in Skopje, North Macedonia also as the very first of the calendar. The third occasion was held in Madrid, Spain, and the closing event was organised in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Poland as the host nation owns a spot among the qualified ones in each of the five categories. Hungary with Banyik’s immaculate performance in men’s doubles, Romania led by Apor Gyorgydeak, as well as Serbia, France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Ukraine & Slovakia qualified in each category.  

Besides women’s doubles Bulgaria, Armenia, Italy, Spain and Montenegro gathered enough points to attend the European Games and fight for Teqball’s very first European champion titles. While Belgium and Norway have entries in the aforementioned class.

“It is a huge milestone to be part of the European Games as a medal sport, only after ten years of our beloved sport's creation. At the EG, our teqers will also compete for the sport's very first European championship titles, which further reinforces that our hard work pays off and that we are ready for the next level.” – said Laszlo Vajda, Secretary General of FITEQ.

Players will be chosen by the countries’ Teqball federations, latest 2nd of June.

The Teqball events at the 3rd European Games will start on 28th of June and finishes on 1st of July.

Entering the Teqball venue will be free.

03 Apr 2023