17 Apr 2023

FITEQ extends the partnership with DafaNews

FITEQ broadens the cooperation with the one-stop online sports portal, DafaNews for the three upcoming events in the US.

The fruitful relationship started at the Teqball World Championships in Nuremburg, Germany in November, 2022 and continued with the first part of this year.

The partnership with DafaNews enabled viewers to watch the first six events of 2023 on live stream on the DafaNews digital platform for the entire competition period and progresses with the upcoming occasions: twice in Los Angeles and once in Miami as of Q2.

April will start in Miami for the teqers of the World between 21st and 23rd. Then, Los Angeles hosts back-to-back competitions. May 19-21 will be organised the first at Venice Beach, then the Teqball summer starts in the city of angels only a few days later next to the Santa Monica Pier, June 9-11.

Gábor Felegyi, Commercial & Events Director highlighted: “The first quarter of the year showed to our partners the tremendous potential Teqball has. We are happy to have DafaNews on board for the three American events ahead of us and we are confident that the numbers worldwide will continuously grow.”

Joao Tavares, Dafanews Manager said, “We are very happy to keep the partnership with Teqball for the 2nd quarter of the year! I do not think it is a surprise to anyone as it has been fruitful to both sides and we want to keep supporting the growth of this amazing sport.

The evolution of Teqball events has been amazing and the players' performance has been beyond any expectations. We want to help Teqball reach everyone in the world as I am sure that once it happens the fan base will not stop growing!

We cannot wait for the upcoming events in the USA!”


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