04 May 2023

Brazil advancement on World Ranking

As the Brazilians shined in Miami the teqers moved ahead plenty of positions.


The fourth month of 2023 was busiest so far. In April Brazilian Teqball players conquered Miami at the Oceanside where only doubles competed.

In women’s doubles the American duo, world champion Carolyn Greco and Margaret Osmundson did not defend the home soil as Vania Moraes da Cruz & Ester Viana Mendes from Brazil beat them in two sets. With this triumph, Moraes da Cruz moved ahead one position to the 8th, while Viana Mendes took over the two Hungarians, Krisztina Acs and Anna Izsak. The categories’ bronze medallist, Amelie Julian jumped up three places from the 20th, however, her partner Gabriella Kota stayed at the 10th.

The biggest leaper in the top 50 was Fiorella Pellegrini Boaglio from Argentina, who bettered her position by 7 and finished the month at the 37th.

The success continued for Brazil in mixed doubles as Moraes da Cruz quickly returned to the table in Miami along with her partner Leonardo Lindoso de Almeida and won in three close sets. Both of them stayed in their respective fifth and sixth positions but closed to the category’s title holders, Lea Vasas & Adam Bako. While Amelie Julian climbed up to the 7th position, her partner Hugo Rabeux stayed at 10th, increasing the difference to men’s singles current title holder and World Ranking leader, Apor Gyorgydeak.

Rabeux paired up with the Hungarian Barna Kovacsfi and the partnership was fruitful as triumphed against Gyorgydeak/Illyes. Both winners jumped ahead two places and while the French teqer is 9th, Kovacsfi owns the 16th position.

There was no movement at the brand new club ranking, mostly because the top-ranked Hungarian athletes competed at the country’s world championships qualifier.

The FITEQ World Ranking list is refreshed after each month when the gained points will be added while the credits that came later than two years will be taken away.