04 May 2023

DataTEQ, the next level data analyzing tool of Teqball

FITEQ launched the next level data analyzing tool of Teqball, DataTEQ.

Teqball has reached yet another milestone as DataTEQ, the brand new state-of-the-art data analyzing site has been launched.

DataTEQ is all about providing data and insights related to the world of Teqball. Visitors of the site will be able to access compelling visualizations, rankings, and athlete profiles, all based on publicly available data.

At its core, DataTEQ is all about promoting the development of Teqball as a sport. By providing comprehensive data and insights, the website can help players, coaches, and fans to better understand the game and identify areas for improvement. One of the standout features of DataTEQ is the athlete profiles. Visitors can explore detailed information about their favorite Teqball players, including their career statistics, achievements, and highlights. This information can be invaluable for both fans and aspiring players, as it can help them to learn from the bests and improve their own skills.

In addition to athlete profiles, DataTEQ also offers a range of visualizations and rankings. These include graphs and charts that provide insights into player performance, as well as leaderboards that rank players based on their achievements. These features can be particularly useful for fans who are looking to keep up with the latest Teqball news and trends. Not to mention journalists and broadcasters to find every little detail about competitions, statistics, and players.

"I am thrilled to execute one of my dreams and create DataTEQ. In the last months, with very hard work, we developed Teqball's own data analyzing tool which helps our beloved sport to evolve further. With this website, we aim to provide accurate and reliable data that can help players, coaches, and fans to better understand the game and identify areas for improvement. Our goal is to promote the growth of Teqball worldwide and inspire the next generation of players." - says Barnabás Németh, Sports Data Manager at FITEQ.

DataTEQ will be continuously updated with statistics live from the official TEQRef system which is used at the Teqball events.