13 Sep 2023

Pula hosts one of the strongest Teqball Tour events in 2023

Based on the participants, we are not afraid to say: the battle of Pula will be a memorable one, also the last European event this year.

After more than 6 weeks, FITEQ is back in Europe with an event that seems to be one of the biggest of the year regarding the number of participants. The fabulous Croatian city, Pula hosts the next tournament of the Teqball Tour with a whopping 124 athletes!

There will be 96 teams taking part in the event in three categories (women’s doubles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles), and looking at the names, we can guarantee that the quality will be at least as high as the quantity.

Starting with the women’s doubles, we are glad to announce: Anna Izsak is back! The singles World Ranking leader and 2021 World Champion has not competed for almost half a year, in Pula she makes her comeback with Bianka Vadasz on her side. We are going to see lots of players who return to the table after the European Games, such as 18-year-old Danish sensation, Nanna Lind Kristensen, who shockingly won the bronze medal in Krakow (and became the first-ever European Championship medallist of the sport) and finished in the top 8 with Mira Faeno Dahlmann in doubles, who just turned 18, too.

European and World Champions Lea Vasas and Zsanett Janicsek are back together and looking to take revenge on Krisztina Acs and Gabriella Kota after their last clash in Esztergom. Singles EG-winner Kinga Barabasi joins the competition with Katalin Dako, silver medallist Amelie Julian will once again team up with Zsofia Dezsenyi, and Austria’s best duo, Andrea Sommer and Nina Steinbauer pay a visit to Croatia, too.

The men’s doubles is so stacked we do not even know where to start. We have the three-time World Champions, Nikola Mitro and Bogdan Marojevic, who top the WR. Joining them are Csaba Banyik and Balazs Katz who lost only two international matches in the past 12 months. Their incredible undefeated streak ended in Esztergom in the hands of Adam Bako and Matyas Odnoga, who eventually won the tournament (after defeating Mitro and Marojevic in the final), and it will be their first competition since then.

Singles WR-leader, European and World Champion Apor Gyorgydeak and his usual partner, Szabolcs Ilyes also take on the challenge, and we will see four-time World Champion Adam Blazsovics alongside Martin Csereklye.

Good enough? We do not think so. How about three-time WCh and two-time EG-medallist Adrian Duszak, and the best units from the Adriatic Teqball League? The whole tournament has ‘incredible’ written all over it.

Let’s check out the mixed doubles field that promises similar excitement and competitiveness. 41 teams will face off and almost every one of the aforementioned stars participate. We have not spoken about Alicja Barnicka and Marek Pokwap who claimed the bronze on home soil at the European Games, so count on them as potential medal contenders, and it applies to Amelie Julian and Hugo Rabeaux, too.

To top all of the above, the finals will be held at the breathtaking Pula Amphitheatre, located right next to the bay. It is going to be hard to top this event