03 Dec 2023

WTC23 - The most colorful World Championship of all time

Ronaldinho claims Teqball has a place at the Olympics.

As the World Teqball Championships 2023 came to an end, the closing press conference was held at the Bangkok Arena. More than a hundred press representatives were present as the organizers, and even Ronaldinho bid farewell to the most colorful tournament in Teqball’s history.

The event started with a video of the highlights and the best moments of the tournament, which was received by a storm of claps from the audience. Then Mr. Meechai Inwood, Deputy Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand took the microphone and expressed congratulations to the Thai Association of Teqball, the International Teqball Federation and everybody involved for making this tournament happen. He also thanked Ronaldinho, who helped to promote the tournament and ignited excitement in the fans, including the gala match he took part in.

“This event has made the emergence of sports competitions in Thailand known throughout the World. As for the Sports Authority of Thailand, we are ready to fully support Teqball. We saw from the results of this tournament that our Thai athletes are truly comparable to the World’s best. Therefore, the Sports Authority of Thailand has a duty to maintain standards and push for the development of the work of Thai athletes to continue to grow sustainably.” - said Mr. Meechai.

Then it was Mr. Damrong Ruensuk’s turn, and the Director of the Sports Division, Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism Bangkok said that the Thai capital is very honored to be a host of a big competition like the World Teqball Championships 2023.

“At this event, we learned that Teqball is a type of sport that is becoming famous throughout Europe, America and now becoming one in Asia and Thailand. Thank you very much to the International Teqball Federation and the Teqball Association of Thailand for making this possible. Bangkok has prepared the Bangkok Arena for this event and we hope that Teqball will return soon, we are ready to host more events like this.”

General Ronnachai Manchusunthornkul, President of the Teqball Association of Thailand started by expressing his feelings, claiming that it was a great honor for the Teqball Association of Thailand to be a part of organizing this year's World Championships.

“Teqball is a new type of sport, but it is gaining popularity all over the World, including Thailand itself, which is pushing for this sport to become widely popular. We have plans including training for trainers and distributing the teaching of Teqball to schools and various educational institutions. We hope that Teqball will become popular and create a trend for more people to know about it.”

He added that he was happy with the performance of the Thai teqers over the past five days, and it was proof to Thai people that athletes in the country can reach the finals in another sport.

Viktor Huszár, Chairman of FITEQ and co-founder of Teqball thanked all organizers for their job and highlighted the importance of teamwork. 

“It was a historic and record-breaking World Championship, teams came from all over the World and we saw the most spectacular games ever, thanks to the mix of cultures, including Brazil versus Thailand in the women’s singles final. It was the most colorful World Championships of all time. I hope this teamwork will continue and hopefully, Teqball will be a huge sport in Asia and will be featured not only in the Asian Martial Arts Games but in the Asian Games, too.” - said the chairman. 

FITEQ Ambassador and one of the greatest football players to ever live, Ronaldinho also took part in the press conference, and he mentioned that he still sees Teqball becoming an Olympic sport.

“I still think that what I saw in Teqball a few years ago, is going to happen, because it is an amazing sport. I’m sure that it will be selected for the Olympic program in the near future, but unfortunately, I am not in the shape anymore to compete in the Games, especially seeing these days’ players. At the same time, it is proof that they are true professionals and it helps a lot to Teqball.”

The Ambassador added that he is still proud of having the opportunity to contribute to the development of Teqball. He owns the World’s first ever Teqball table and he still practices a lot on it.

The press conference ended with some prestigious awards presented. First, Rui Jorge Daniel Marques Leitao received the inaugural Award of Merit for his outstanding contribution to the success of FITEQ throughout the years. Then, for their unwavering support in the World Teqball Championships, IOC member Khunying Patama; the Sports Authority of Thailand (represented by Michai Inwood); the National Sports Development Fund (represented by Piyapat Jarunpong); the Teqball Association of Thailand (represented by General Ronnachai Munchusoontornkul) and Mono Streaming Co. Ltd. (represented by Patompong Sirachairat) all received awards.