08 Jan 2024

Pakistan broke the world record

The Pakistan Teqball Federation with local authorities finished a year on one of the highest peak.

With the Snow Teqball Championships 2023 and the attempted world record, the Pakistan Teqball Federation closed the season in style.

The Pakistan Teqball Federation In collaboration with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Tourism Authority, Directorate General of Sports KP, KP Teqball Association, Merged Areas Teqball Association, Kumrat, Utror & Kalam Facilities Centre and Green Hotel Kalam the Snow Teqball Championships 2023 was held in Pakistan.

Besides the tournament, a world record attempt also colored the final days of 2023. The destination was Shahi Bagh Mountain which is one of the highest and toughest peaks in the region with almost 4000m  

The journey started at I. Teqball Academy at Iqra National University, in OdiGram, in the valley of Swat.

After that group reached Green Hotel Kalam where Mr. Aqil Shah (Senior Vice President of the Pakistan Olympic Association and President, KP Olympic Association) welcomed the team with lunch and an exhibition game was held to show Teqball to tourists from different provinces. 

On the very next morning the unit continued the trip 5 hours ahead to the final destination, to Shai Bagh Mountain.


































After they arrived, they even had enough power to compete at the Snow Teqball Championships 2023 where two categories took place. Among boys, Hidayat Ur Rehman from Peshawar won against Muhammad Yaseen from Yaseen in three sets while in girls Safa from Peshawar beat Aiman from Khyber by 2 to 0.

On this occasion, Mian Absar Ali, founder of Pakistan Teqball Federation stated that this event was organized to promote Teqball and spread the message that Pakistan is a peaceful country and Swat is one of the most beautiful areas across the globe. "I hope through this event tourism will be promoted and soon international teqers players will visit Pakistan to enjoy Teqball at World's highest Teq table. The participation of merged area athletes would motivate their community to this new sport." he finished.