31 Jan 2024

Austrian Teqball Association strengtenhed

Passionate academy manager joined to the nation's Teqball association to develop the sport.

Slaven Biljesko-Köck as one of the pioneers in Austria who quickly recognized the value of Teqball is now part of the Austrian Teqball Association.

The expert owns UEFA A and UEFA Junior B licenses and besides Teqball currently works at HAK Liezen. 

“I am extremely pleased to welcome Slaven to our team. With his expertise, we will be able to further develop Teqball in Austria, especially for young people. I value not only his sporting experience but also his personality. I am convinced that with his impulses we will make this sport exciting for young people.” said enthusiastically Alexandra Koncar, President of the local association

The general assembly also confirmed the positions in the presidium and board: President Alexandra Koncar, Vice President Karin Niederer (marketing and tourism expert, responsible for finance), and Vice President Slaven Biljesko-Köck, responsible for youth work.

In addition, top-class advisory boards will continue to support the board in specialist topics: Georg Pangl (strategic development) and Marcus Pürk (sports director and Teqball ambassador) were confirmed in their roles. Stefan Maierhofer , Teqball ambassador with an impressive network and great expertise, also remains on board.

The largest Teqball community of Austria is developing in Neusiedl and the network of international Teqball athletes that Toni Kiss, manager of the Teqball area at Podobeach has built up over the last two years is particularly valuable in everyday training and tournament life. 

Austrian teqers showed their potential in 2023 as Andrea Sommer finished 5th at the sport's very first European championships in Kraków at the European Games, while in mixed doubles, Nina Steinbauer/Daniel Neuhold also reached the quarterfinals. The success continued as both of the doubles finished as 9th, with Andrea Sommer/Nina Steinbauer in women's doubles, Benedikt Hofmann-Wellenhof/Daniel Neuhold in men's doubles, and Nina Steinbauer/Daniel Neuhold in mixed at the World Teqball Championships 2023 in Thailand.