08 Feb 2024

WR - New leaders in WS and MD

As the World Ranking points have been outdated from Teqball World Championships 2021 there are huge changes on the list.

With February, FITEQ’s World Rankings changed drastically as the points from the Teqball World Championships 2021 Gliwice have been outdated, thus new leaders are on the top in WS and MD.

In 2024 as the new World Ranking policies influence not only the international events but the domestic ones too, players can collect WR points even on the tier 5 tournaments as well.

However, the current list changed mostly because the gathered points from the 4th World Teqball Championships which was held in Poland have been removed.

The current title holder in women’s singles conquered not only the world in Thailand at the latest WCh but also leads the World Ranking from February. Raffaela Fontes triumphed against Jutatip Kuntatong in a fierce battle.

Anna Izsak dropped two positions back and now holds the third while the biggest loss affected the runner-up from the same world champs where Izsak became the queen. Paulina Lezak lost 21 spots as she could not come close to her results since 2021. Ekaterina Poteshkina is another player from the top 50 who dropped back dramatically as she competed only once since the 5th position in Gliwice.

In men’s singles, Julien Grondin slipped back from the 4th position to the 8th due to an injury that prevented him from attending any event in 2023. The top 3 stayed unchanged however, the winner of the African Beach Games 2023, Gregory Dylan Tchami Djomaha jumped back eleven seats. Fethi Larit suffered the biggest as he is now at the 44th while started the year as 33rd.

The world champions of 2022 in women’s doubles are now on the top of the World Ranking as Lea Vasas took over the podium second position from Carolyn Greco. Vasas’ “maneuver” may be surprising as she did not qualify for the World Teqball Championships 2023 while the singles world champion from 2022 finished fourth along with her cousin, Kimberly Baker.

Teqball’s first female world champion, Natalia Guitler who won in mixed doubles with her partner Marcos Vieira in 2019 lost 8 positions, while the biggest drop came from Aleksandra Orzechowska despite the Polish teqer never finished lower than 5th since the world championships of 2021. She dropped back 16 spots and owns the 50th.

Hungarians rule the World Ranking of mixed doubles. Lea Vasas and Adam Bako are now on the podium and only Csaba Banyik is in front of them. The pair won the Teqball World Championships 2022 but did not qualify for the latest version. Lukas Flaks regardless of his great season last year when the Czech finished fourth at Teqball’s very first European championships which was organized at the European Games in Poland and collected the fifth position at the WCh in Bangkok.  The 40-year-old teqer slid back 6 spots while Miklos Tunde lost the most with 11 positions as the Romanian athlete has never reached the semifinals since her bronze medal at the Teqball World Championships 2021 Gliwice.

Finally, there is a new leader in men’s doubles too. Balazs Katz overtook his partner Csaba Banyik. The double almost stayed immaculate in 2023. They won 16 out of 18 tournaments while triumphing in 12 events in a row and became Teqball’s first European champions not to mention the world champion title from Thailand. Among the players who dropped back, there is the current title holder in men’s singles. Adrian Duszak shifted his focus to men’s singles which paid out as his success shows at the World Teqball Championships 2023.

The FITEQ World Ranking list is refreshed after each month when the gained points will be added while the credits that came later than two years will be taken away.