03 Feb 2024

New policies help national federations in organizing more succesful events

FITEQ updated its policies regarding World Teqball Championships Qualifications, World Rankings and event categorization.

Teqball, as the concept was created 10 years ago, and after the busiest season ever with almost 20 international events, the sports governing body updated its policies regarding events to help the national federations and players.

2023 ended with the most colorful World Teqball Championships which was the sport's first WCh outside of Europe. Many records were already broken even before the tournament started in Bangkok, Thailand and at the end, the highest numbers ever have been reached regarding players, matches, TV, and media.

With plenty of experiences from the previous seasons, FITEQ and its committees analyzed the feedback which led to adjustments in multiple policies related mostly to events.

Although the date and the place are not set yet, the World Teqball Championships Qualifications can be already starting. The updated rules outline the requirements for National Federations to organize at least one qualification event by 31 July. The deadline for submission of the World Teqball Championships Qualification Form is 31 March. 

From 2024, the events both on national and international levels will be categorized. Five different groups have been created in order to help the federation's tasks and players recognize which events need to be participated in to have enough World Ranking points.

As of the World Ranking policy, a new point system has been created to motivate partners to organize more events even on the smallest scale. Points for clarity and all previously earned points will be divided by 10 as of March.

"We believe that these policies will contribute to the continued success and growth of Teqball as we strive to provide exciting and competitive opportunities for players and fans alike." commented Mr. László Vajda, Secretary General. "FITEQ is always prepared and ready to help its 153 national federations from 5 continents to grow together." he finished.

A competition-related training will be held online on 6 March where all the newly introduced processes and requirements will be discussed in detail. With any questions, contact [email protected].