26 Mar 2024

FITEQ introduces new policy for players

A new policy has been implemented to categorize Teqball events, creating a structured pathway for athletes.

A new policy has been implemented to categorize Teqball events, creating a structured pathway for athletes. This policy allows players to accumulate World Ranking (WR) points, with Event Categories V and IV serving as stepping stones to access limited edition competitions.

One significant alteration involves the categorization of FITEQ-organized events, with a focus on commencing primarily from Event Category III, coupled with player limitations. This strategic shift aims to reserve Category V and IV events as platforms for athletes to accumulate World Ranking (WR) points and advance within the sport.

To further level the playing field and diversify participation, FITEQ will issue Wild Cards to participants based on the scale of the events. For Category III events, which range from 8 to over 64 players, the allocation of Wild Cards varies accordingly. This inclusionary measure ensures that deserving athletes can compete and excel, regardless of the event's size or initial registration order.

In a bid to enhance the fairness of competitions, FITEQ has adopted the Randomized Snake Method for drawing players and teams into groups prior to tournaments. This method, meticulously devised to maintain equilibrium and impartiality, involves an intricate procedure where participants are initially positioned according to primary ranking order. Subsequent placements are then determined in a systematic manner, ensuring an equitable distribution across all groups.

"In line with our commitment to fostering a structured pathway and enhancing opportunities within the sport of Teqball, FITEQ is introducing several policy changes and updates for the 2024 season," says Mr Adam Marosvari, Competition Manager. "These changes aim to provide athletes with clear career progression opportunities, streamline event organization, and ensure fairness and transparency in competitions," he added.

The Randomized Snake Method, endorsed by FITEQ, stands as a testament to the federation's unwavering commitment to integrity and equal opportunity within the realm of Teqball competitions. By implementing these policy changes, FITEQ endeavours to foster an environment conducive to the growth and sustainability of the sport, empowering athletes to strive for excellence on a level playing field.

As the 2024 Teqball season unfolds, these initiatives promise to reshape the landscape of competitive Teqball, paving the way for a new era of inclusivity, transparency, and sporting excellence under the banner of FITEQ.

More information about the new system can be found here.