07 Jun 2024

A love match on and off the court: Georgios Milonas proposes to Paraskevi Stafilidou

The Greek mixed doubles twosome also joined up in real life.

In a heartwarming twist during Teqball World Series Quy Nhon, mixed doubles match, Georgios Milonas of Greece surprised his partner, Paraskevi Stafilidou, with a marriage proposal that left fans, referees, and opponents applauding in admiration. This unique proposal, which blended the thrill of sport with the romance of a lifetime commitment, showcased the deep bond between the two athletes both on and off the court.

Teqball World Series Quy Nhon is breathtaking in the paradise of Vietnam. However, the jaws dropped not only because of the beautiful moves on the field of play as Georgios Milonas proposed Paraskevi Stafilidou right after the match. She described the moment with a mixture of surprise and joy. "At first I was very scared as I thought George was injured," she recalled. "When I asked him if it hurt, he just ripped and took the ring out of the sock, he offered it to me and asked me if I wanted to be his wife. It took me a few seconds to figure out exactly what was going on. It was something that hadn't crossed my mind at all as any time we enter the field to play Teqball we are just teammates and not a couple."

The shock quickly turned into overwhelming joy as Paraskevi realized what was happening. "The feelings I felt after this proposal are very difficult for me to describe in words, as in those moments I was living the most intense and magical seconds of my life. Where I wanted to cry a little more but I held back it was when the fans, the referee, and our opponents were applauding and congratulating us. It was incredible. Dreamy."

For Georgios, the proposal was the culmination of a long period of contemplation and planning. "The truth is that for a long time, I was troubled by the place and the time when I would ask my beloved to be my wife. I was looking for something special and unique. A place which can give us many emotions. During Teqball many times we feel joy, sadness, disappointment, tension, pain, and happiness. We experience all these feelings and many more in life. So I chose this moment... to find us inside the Teqball court, in Quy Nhon."

The setting in Vietnam, a country known for its hospitality and warmth, was particularly meaningful for Georgios. "When from the first day we got to know the philosophy, kindness, and hospitality of the Vietnamese people, then I had no doubt that I chose the right one."

Georgios’s pride in Paraskevi was evident as he spoke about her. "I am very proud that a woman like Paraskevi is my woman. She is my support. She is the woman I can rely on. I'm very happy she said yes. That says it all."

Their shared goals extend beyond their personal relationship to their professional aspirations in Teqball. "Our initial goal is to represent our country and the whole FITEQ family well and then to contribute to the development of the sport and help it to be loved by people all over the world," they explained. "We are very happy that the people living in Quy Nhon, Vietnam have embraced Teqball so warmly and impressively. Teqball is a way of life."

The proposal of Georgios Milonas to Paraskevi Stafilidou was more than just a romantic gesture; it was a celebration of their shared journey in the sport they love and their commitment to each other. This memorable event has undoubtedly added a magical chapter to their teqball career and personal lives.